The Double Diamond Crossfit Way

At its core, CrossFit is about combining movement, strength, and flexibility. It is about training your body to not simply be fit but to be adaptable to real world situations and activities. You'll notice there are no machines used in CrossFit. That is because in the real world physical challenges are more about applied physics and technique. Here, you learn how to adapt, react, and move to better train your body and increase your fitness level.

The Foundations of CrossFit

If you are not familiar with CrossFit, it is imperative you gain some foundational understanding of the workouts and movements before engaging in the majority of our classes. There are foundational intro classes held each month on a saturday at 9 (please check the calendar for specific dates). You will get to meet the coaches, ask questions, and enjoy a workout that is simply like no other.

Goodness of Fit & Balance

All the workouts are designed to be different and extremely challenging. Whether you are seasoned with CrossFit or have just begun to get your feet wet, you'll find working out with us will take your endurance and fitness to new heights. All fitness classes are an hour in length and take you through a multitude of activities, timed drills, and fitness phases.

Membership Pricing:
  • 2 Times a Week: $75
  • 3 Times a Week: $99
  • Monthly Unlimited: $120
  • Couples Monthly Unlimited: $175