In and Around DDXF!!

JANUARY Athlete Spotlight:

Megan Disselkoen

Name: Megan Disselkoen
Age: 50
Where are you from? Born in Colorado Springs, Lived in Greeley since 1996.
Tell us about your school life/family/work life: I’m a graduate of CSU in Occupational Therapy with a specialty in Hand Therapy. I married Bruce in 1994. I worked in OT for twelve years and then had Ellie and two years later my son Grant. I home schooled my kids for various reasons and now I teach kids with Dyslexia to read. My husband and I are real estate investors and own and manage apartments and commercial real estate.
When did you first start CrossFit? I started in 2012 with Ellie to help her get stronger to ride her horse. I was the one that really needed CrossFit.
What is your fitness background? As a kid, I was a gymnast and swam competitively in high school. But my real love was down-hill skiing and riding horses.
What is your favorite thing about Double Diamond CrossFit? I love that it keeps me motivated to stay active and in shape! I love our gym and the family it has become for me and Ellie. The coaches are the best!
What is your favorite WOD or movement? I love anything with squats and love any kind of body weight movement.
What is your least favorite WOD or movement? I really hate anything to do with the rig. And I really hate admitting that…but it’s truth.
What are your goals? A long term physical goal of mine is to win a World Championship with one of my horses.  To do this, I must stay strong and in shape to ride and train them.  So a life time goal is to stay fit, healthy and to keep plugging along with what I’ve been given.
How has CrossFit changed your life? Cross-fit is the first exercise regimen that I have truly loved, looked forward to doing and have been consistent in doing on a weekly basis. I have gone from being a frumpy Mom, to a hot Mama! No matter how sore it makes me feel at times, I will never quit. Cross-Fit has given me a new outlook on life-no matter how I feel. It pushes me to be better than I was the day before. And finally, it has brought me into relationships with people that I would never have had the opportunity to know or love if it hadn’t been for Cross-fit.
Do you have any advice for people thinking about starting CrossFit or that you want to share with our members?  Cross-fit has literally changed my life. It has helped my daughter become who she is, which as a parent, is a big deal. It has helped me become a more confident and positive human being. My advice is to work out whatever your level is and compete with yourself, not others. With this you will find improvement within yourself.

April Athelte Spotlight



Name: James Pisaturo

Age: 32

Where are you from?  Philadelphia (Fly Eagles Fly)

Tell us about your school life/family/work life:  I’ve been married to Carolyn, my best friend for almost two years. We moved to Colorado after traveling here several times and falling in love with Rocky Mountain National Park. We are proud dog parents to our little guy Kombucha, Buch for short.  For work, I am the CFO of First FarmBank headquartered here is Greeley.

When did you first start CrossFit? June 2017, on my birthday. Kate even got me to do birthday burpees on my first day.

What is your fitness background?  Always played sports growing up including baseball and hockey in high school. I also played college hockey but my career was ended after a year due to a knee injury.

What is your favorite thing about Double Diamond CrossFit?  The community. I feel like I’m back playing a team sport. Everyone is supportive and to watch everyone push so hard during workouts is very inspiring.

What is your favorite WOD or movement?   I tend to like the Hero WODs. They always are a bit more challenging but inspire me to push harder.

What is your least favorite WOD or movement?  Anything involving wall balls.

What are your goals?  To have fun. Sure I want to get more fit and stronger but the most important thing for me is to continue to have fun.

How has CrossFit changed your life?  After moving across the country 3 years ago, CrossFit has provided me with a place that feels like home.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about starting CrossFit or that you want to share with our members?  Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to join. Don’t be afraid of your first workout. Don’t be afraid of pushing yourself. Don’t be afraid the soreness that ensues. But most important don’t be afraid to open up and talk to people, that’s what makes CrossFit so awesome.